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Long time no seeing……but I have been working hard, just not so hard on the internet as in my workshop.
Right now I am working on two customworks. The first one is a mandocello in carved Style O shape built in violinstyle. The second one is a parlorguitar in true romantic style for 010 steelstring with adjustable neck angle in true Stauffer style.

26/7-2010 sopranoukuleles
The two guitars is now finished and I have had time to build two sopranoukeleles. I will show some pictures from the building right here…
I think I forget to take any pictures in the beginning so we jump right in to the middle somewhere!

Kerfing is being glued in.

Gluing the backs (with hot hide glue…..)

Some hand bursting and laquering later it is time to glue on the bridges.

Quite crowded with the clamps on such a small instrument…

Carving the shape of the bridge.

………and today they was suddenly finish!

The colour is actually not that light as it may looks right here on this photo. The red is really much warmer, actually the same colour as the red guitar I just finished before.


25/6-2010 Two new guitars

Dismantle the neck with just one screw….

…place the neck in its own little case beside the guitar in the softbag….

…and happily walk onboard the aeroplane with your guitar not bigger

than a normal small backpack.

The Ultimate Folk Guitar with fanned frets and adjustable

stringaction with just one allen key.  For this guitar I have

had lot of inspiration from the guitars from 1800-1900 centuries.

Clic the link to see Duncan James playing it!

Runesson Ultimate Folkguitar


4/7 2010

In the workshop the guitars have got som colour and I am currently working with applying varnish.  The finish is an oilbased varnish that I give a chance as an alternativ to my french polishing with schellack.

12/6 2010

The work is going on, both with the guitars and the homesite. The guitar ar more fun…

I am currently working on two guitars.

First short about the ultimate folkmusicguitar and then about the custommade guitar extra suitable for travelling.

A 01-model bodyshape with fanned frets wich will help ultimate the tone for different open tunings or drop tunings. It will also have a adjustable neck angle to easy adjustments of the string high.

Material will be swiss alpspruce in the top and highly flamed maple in sides and backs. Neck made of maple with mahogonyinlay for stability. Fretboard and bridge will be Jakaranda. All build with quite a lot of inspiration from guitars from the 1900-centuries.

The other guitar will be extra suitable for treveling with a neck that is easy to take apart from the guitar and store beside, just to make it easy to take onboard on aeroplanes. It will also feature a adjustable neckangle to make the action easy to adjust. It will be a fullsize guitar with a bodysize somewhere between a parlor and OM size.


20/5 2010

I am working on my new homesite…..intresting! Soon I will have a flexible and living homesite instead of a just nice looking one….

In my workshop I have just started on a new ultimate folkmusicguitar.

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