Work shop: “Der Gitarrenbauer”, Neustadtgasse 3, 8400 WINTERTHUR

Opening hours:  tu-we 12-18, sa 12-15 – contact me for other hours.

I am a swedish guitar builder who lives and builds stringed
instruments in Switzerland.

As a luthier I prefer to work with simple hand tools and only use well seasoned wood. I build eco-friendly and do not engage in the destruction of rain-forests. Instead I use wood whose logging distance to the workshop is as small as possible, mainly using only swiss wood that fills up the criteria of the FSC-certificate.

I prefer to work with hot hide glue because of its many advantages over all other wood glues. I am mainly building custom instrument on orders and they all end up as a truly unique instrument.

The finish is hand applied, mostly brushed on spirit varnish and hand rubbed shellac.                                                                                                      Those are both enviromentfriendly and supreme for the acoustic qualitys. 

Besides building I also do all kind of repairwork, restaurations and adjustments. Don´t hesitate to contact me if you are intrested
or have questions about my work!




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