Comments about…..

-Dear Tyko, Amazing, this guitar! I have been playing it for hours today.
Can’t  put it down. I have never enjoyed a guitar so much. This one
feels like it was  made just for me. And that feeling
is priceless. / Brett Davidsson

About Parlore: An extremly resonant guitar with full tone. I don´t
think I ever tried another guitar with so less weight
and anyway so strong, full and balanced sound. Just to congratulate
to avery fine work! / Mikael Anjou

-To all of you who may thinking about to buy a mandolin,
octave mandola or other stringed instrument I would tell
you to seriously concider a Runesson instrument.
The Runesson octave mandola I have easy beats up all other
mandolas I ever tried. That includs Michael Kelly, Breedlove,
Levin, Fylde, Moon, Fender and many more. / Calle

– The brown RL99 from Runessonguitars is definately the nicest
guitar i ever tried! Unbeliveble fat sounding and amazingly
loud! No Martin or Gibson I ever tried have given me such a
feeling.You are very good Tyko, and the colour of the guitar is
totally in my taste! / Johan “Bottle neck John” Eliasson

– Such a wonderful sounding bass!! / Per

-Incredible how much sound you can get from a guitar…..
already after just 5 minutes of playing I´m telling you:
Unbeatable!!! Uncredible such a guitar! / Lasse

– So much sound from such a small guitar, it sounds wondeful! / Linus

-I can´t understand how he manage it… is so
amazing sound and such attack when you need that. / Lasse

– Wow such a Mandola…Tyko Runesson have totally suceed in satisfy
all my wishes and also made them better than I ever dreamt about!
It is an amazing beautyful instrument! Then the sound, so warm and clean,
full in the whole register. I am more than satisfied!! / Calle

– Today I`ve tried the most easy playable, beautyful and perfect
sounding instrument I ever had in my arms. Such a fantastic work!
Even if my guitar will be just half as good as the Mandola
I would be very happy!! / Lasse

-The guitar have very clear and full sound with nice overtones
that gives it a good pregnancy! / Eva – musican/actor

-Thousand millions of thanks!!! Such a wonderful guitar…..
it was like melt together with my fingers in just 5 seconds!
And God, such a beuty it is too…. / Lasse

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