Runesson Mobile Recording Studio

Productions from Runesson Mobile Recording Studio:


2015 Recording Irene Mazza for her new album

2014 Velvet Ashes

2013 duo Verso Sud


2012 Tobias Thomhave



2011 Bobby Vacant & the Worn, Virginia Neon

2011 Anna & Tyko, Nordisk

2010 Nota Bene, Live recorded choir concert

 2010 The Jesus Taco, Folkuhila

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Runesson Studio offer you a highly proffessional recordingstudio. I do not offer you big fancy sound isolated rooms and a universe of complicated technical equipment but I do offer you exactly what is needed for a high quality true soundrecording, a warm and relaxed home enviroment, a very fair price and a good couching and production help that comes from +20 years of experience as a musician and a sound producer.

My basic studio is portable and therefore I also do field recordings of f.e live concerts of all different music from classical and choir to jazz and rock concerts.
You have also possibility to choose a room that suits your need and taste and I will come to you and do the recording there.

I also have a second lighter battery powered studio with possibility to record on places without electricity, as for example out in the nature.

If you need some instrument that you do not play I can also offer help with that. If it isn´t anything I can play myself I also have a big list of studio musician that just waiting to help out!

List of equipment:

Audio interface:
RME Fireface UFX

Genelec 8020B
Sonab od11

External mic preamps:
SPL Gainstation 1
Drake PD7017 (2 pcs)
RFZ V781 (stereopreamp)
Symetrix sx202 (2 pcs)

Line Audio QM12i
Line Audio CM3 (2)
Audio Technica AT 4033

Audio Technica AT 4037
Audio Technica AT 818a
Revox M 3500 (2)
Beyer Dynamic M81 (2)
Sennheizer MD 421
Sennheizer MD 908-u
Sennheizer MD 402 LM
Sennheizer Shotgun
AKG C747 (2)
Shure SM58
Ribbon mic rb5 (2)
Ibanez TH900 (3)
TSM mt87 (2)
T-bone RB 500
Milab DC21 (3)

AKG K240 (2)
+ a variety of vintageheadphones

External effects:
Revox A77 (reel to reel)
LA Audio TCX2 Dual Tube Compressor
Klemt Echorlette (tube-tape echo)
Alaric EQ
Shaller Wha wha
Blackstar tube dist

Roland SH2000 (synthesizer)
Viscount D9 (hammond organ)
Yamaha CS1x (synthesizer)

Other instruments:
…yes, a bunch of other intsruments and another BIG bunch of guitars!

Handmade instruments